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  • A FireNEX-MX™ SET comes with two FireNEX-MX™ optical repeaters, and one 120VAC/12VDC DC power supply and a manual.
  • FireNEX-MX
  • Repeater with a Fiber Optic cable

FireNEX-MX Dual 1394a Ports MultiMode Optical Repeater Set


About This Product

SKU/PN: FIRENEX-MX                                                               

FireWire over Multi Mode Fiber! The Newnex FireNEX-MX™ is an IEEE1394b compliant optical repeater for extra long distance connection. Utilizing an IEEE1394 PHY and optical transceiver, the FireNEX-MX™ is capable of sending IEEE1394 signals across an multi mode optical fiber cable up to 500 meters in length! The FireNEX-MX™ is contained within a small box slightly larger than a deck of cards, which makes it inobtrusive and compact, allowing you to place it on a desktop already crowded with other things.

The real power is in its optical connection. Setting up the FireNEX-MX™ is quite simple. Using a LC optical connector, plugging in the optical connection is without confusion or difficulty. It takes only minutes to setup, and there is no configuration necessary, like all IEEE1394 compliant hardware. The FireNEX-MX™ will work for both 1394b and 1394a signals at speeds of 400, 200 and 100 Mbps. For optical cables, click on Optical Cables.

A FireNEX-MX™ SET comes with two FireNEX-MX™ optical repeaters, and one 120VAC/12VDC DC power supply and a manual. Whenever you purchase 2 FireNEX repeaters we consider it a set. Optical cable and FireWire cables not included. The Newnex FireNEX-MX™ comes with one-year manufacturer warranty.

Note: The power adapter provided by Newnex is UL certified. For countries that need certifications for power other than UL, please purchase the similar power adapter with the special power certification from the local stores.



  • Two 1394a 6 in connectors
  • One 1394b LCLC optical port
  • Works with both PCs and Macs
  • Low power consumption: 3W (DC12V/0.25A)
  • Full Duplex Data Rate at 400 Mbps per 1394a port
  • Weight: 170g
  • Compact size: 80x68x27 mm
  • LCLC glass optical fiber
  • Reach up to 500 meters
  • Compatible with 1394a standard
  • FCC Class B and CE Mark certifications
  • Operation Temperature (-45 °C to 75 °C)


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