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USB 3.0

USB 3.0 technology took the USB industry to a new level of speed and data throughput. Newnex makes the most of that technology with USB 3.0 cables and usb 3 connectors that have been designed for a wide range of both consumer and industry-specific uses -- plus USB 3.0 extender cables to help our customers go beyond the usual 3-meter length limits of standard USB 3 cables.

Because of their high speed and superior data transfer rate of up to 5Gbits/s, USB 3 connectors and cables are used in highly technical fields including medical imaging, machine vision, audiovisual communication and more. They are also used in the consumer market. Because of the many different applications in which USB 3.0 cables are used, Newnex offers our reliable cables in many different configurations: Standard straight, right angle cables, and active repeater cables which can be customized to the exact cable length and configuration you need.

As versatile as this technology is, however, it is sometimes limited by the short length of standard USB 3 cables -- which are generally about 3 meters at most. To give you greater range and usability, we offer a number of USB 3.0 extender solutions that can extend your USB 3.0 signal and bus power up to 300 meters. These USB 3 extension solutions include a fiber optic extender and an active dongle extender.