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A to A Cables

Explore Newnex’s USB 3.0 A to A cables, addressing a common misconception about this crucial connectivity solution. Many users don't realize that USB 3.0 A to A cables have three different wiring configurations, each designed for specific purposes. At Newnex, we offer a complete range of USB 3.0 A to A cables, encompassing all three wiring types to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of devices and applications.

Our commitment to clarity and reliability distinguishes us in the industry. While many assume there's only one type of USB 3.0 A to A cable, we understand the need for diverse options to meet various requirements. Whether you're connecting peripherals, transferring data, or using USB for debugging, Newnex's USB 3.0 A to A cables offer the versatility and dependability you need for seamless connections every time.