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  • FireNEX-COAX-S800
  • Coax cable with repeaters.

FireNEX-COAX-S800 1394b Coax Repeater Set


About This Product

SKU/PN: FIRENEX-COAX                                                               

The FireNEX-COAX-S800™ uses flexible coax cabling, etc. There are several advantages in using a standard 75 Ω COAX cable that. It has excellent EMC performance, low cost connections, enables terminations by the end user, and the possibility of using existing cabling infrastructure. Since FireNEX-COAX-S800™ repeater has two 1394b ports it can also be used as a hub for daisy chain connections.

A FireNEX-COAX-S800™ SET includes two FireNEX-COAX-S800™ repeaters, and a manual. A DC power jack lets you connect an optional power supply, such as the FIRENEX™-POWER. Whenever you purchase 2 FireNEX™ repeaters we consider it a set. COAX cable and FireWire/IEEE1394b cables are not included. FireNEX-COAX-S800™ comes with one-year manufacturer warranty.



  • Two IEEE1394 9 pin ports
  • One standard BNC COAX port
  • Works with PCs, Macs and Linux
  • Light Weight: 140g
  • Compact size: 78x30x70 mm
  • Bus powered or self powered
  • Data rate: 100/200/400/800 Mbps
  • Reaches up to 60 meters
  • Low Power Consumption: 3W (DC12V/0.25A)
  • Industrial standard screw locking for 1394b ports

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