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GigE Vision

Ethernet is one of the most popular networking protocols used today, currently implemented in 85% of the world's LAN connected PCs and workstations. Gigabit Ethernet has become the leading technology in machine vision applications. The success of Gigabit Ethernet is due to its high bandwidth (1000Mbps), uncompressed data transfer, low cost of integration and ability to travel over extended distances of up to 100 meters. Determined to advance the applicable uses and flexibility of Gigabit Ethernet, Newnex has developed Snap-On Gigabit Ethernet plugs with patent pending technology. Newnex' innovative Snap-On Gigabit Ethernet plugs are equipped with industry standard locking screws for extremely easy on-site cable termination. From multi-million cycle high-flex Gigabit Ethernet cabling to custom designed connectors, Newnex will continue to provide quality connectivity products for the Gigabit Ethernet Vision market.